jeudi 27 novembre 2008

Montbrun Bocage Automne Foire Part V

The main thing that draws people to one of these fairs is the fact that they always do a brocante, or vide-greniers (village wide flea market) in conjunction with their fair. You see some interesting things, sometimes a bargain, but most of the time overpriced.

Clark is looking for bargains. When I took the photo I did not even realize that he was in it. I was trying to get a photo that would give people an idea about the character of the village.

More of the vendors at the fair. This is the front of the church in Montbrun Bocage. The village and the church dates back to the end of the 1200's.

Still more of the vendors. The only thing we purchased was a block of beeswax from one of the vendors. As I said in an earlier post the village is one of my favorites in this part of France.

Not every street was filled with vendors. This is one of the most interesting buildings in the village. Not sure what the building was originally, but it has been restored.

5 commentaires:

ladybug a dit…

What fun...the few flea markets I've been to here are more like huge garage sales, albeit yours is probably much more picturesque!

That looks like someplace I'd actually like to browse...are there food vendors too?

keithinsouthwestfrance a dit…

The food vendors were all over the place, lots of veggie stuff. Under the market hall there were vendors that were selling honey and produce. Quite an interesting place. Here's the other pics that I took.

keithinsouthwestfrance a dit…

I guess you have to cut and paste it.

Hill a dit…

Flea markets are where it's at!

Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can find some really neat stuff.

Other times, not so much.


thepoetryman a dit…

I do like a village with character and this one seems to have the goods.

I used to Christmas shop in a local flea market and always found something unusual or no longer around so I loved it. Closed down a few years back. :>(