mardi 25 novembre 2008

Montbrun Bocage Automne Foire Part III

These are some more of the creations that were on display at the fair.

The man that was doing this sclupture was using wooden boxes that the produce is shipped to the small shops in. You can see some of them in the front of the sculpture.

Again one of the movable art pieces. This was carves out of the trunk of a large tree and then the iron wheels were added.

The stone sculptures at work. There were several different groups of stone masons working on various pieces in the area. Most of them were doing benches and smaller sculptures.
Another one of the metal sculptures. Again this was made from found objects.
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2 commentaires:

ladybug a dit…

The wooden box skull was a little creepy but interesting.

Love the movable wooden tree trunk thingy...

Always liked the art stuff people made w/cast offs in general!

Hill a dit…


Those are magnificent!

There are some really artistic people in this world, huh?