mardi 25 novembre 2008

Montbrun Bocage Automne Foire Part II

As you read in the previous post this is the annual fall foire at Montbrun Bocage. They also do a fair in the spring, but we have not attended it.

After we had visited the Wall Street Bocage that was in the first post, as we walked down the street we heard a noise from behind us and this was what it was. Although you get the impression that the child sitting on the toilet seat is pedaling the machine, all that is happening there is that the bicycle is only splashing water on everyone from the bathtub. The man in the yellow raincoat is actually pushing the art piece. The children are determining what direction the thing will go.

This is a close up of the machine. They have used the wheels from a farm machine and mounted the bathtub on them. The stovepipe on the back of the toilet is there only for it's creative value.

This was some of the artwork in the same area. Everything on display in this area was hand crafted and many of the art pieces were made with found objects.

It took a bit for me to figure this one out. I think it is supposed to be some type of flying fish.
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ladybug a dit…

Just seeing what weird things people come up with is part of the enjoyment.