jeudi 27 novembre 2008

Montbrun Bocage Automne Foire Part IV

When I started this series of post on the Montbrun Bocage Foire, I should have started with this picture and explained more about the fair. This weekend event draws many people from this part of France. It has the reputation of being one of the best fairs as far as the quality and variety of the merchandise for sale. When we arrived we were directed to a parking lot that had been created in a meadow just outside of the village. Getting out of the car, this was the first image we saw.

I have posted other photos of this ruined Chateau on another post. I am not sure how to make a link to it, but it was the 3Avril post. This is looking at the Chateau from the other side of the village. I will post more photos of the village in the next post, as I have found it to be one of my favorite places to visit in the area.

This man was performing on the steps of the church. So many of these artist travel from village to village to perform in the small events and they always bring a smile to my face. The doors to the church are behind him and the balloon sculpt er appears to be coming out of the church.

This was a samba group that was getting ready to perform. It seemed as if they were waiting for all of the members to arrive. We wanted to hear them so we waited around the area, and sure enough when another two people arrived they were ready for their performance. If you look at the sign on the chair it is advertising the special that is being served in the outdoor restaurant.

The group was worth waiting for. This is where the different groups would assemble before marching (walking) through the village streets performing.

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3 commentaires:

Hill a dit…

More fab pictures!

I so enjoy looking at them and reading about them.

Thank you, Keith!

Happy Thanksgiving!


ladybug a dit…

I would totally get into this, I LOVE fairs with lots of performing arts stuff...

I like county fairs also, since I've been involved in 4-H, do they have a similar agricultural education organization in France?

keithinsouthwestfrance a dit…

Most of the young people that are going into farming end up going to agriculture schools when they are sixteen, or there about.