jeudi 3 avril 2008

Last Saturdays Trip

We went for a drive last Saturday over to the east side of the Haute Garonne. As we were driving we saw this ruin on a hill and decided to explore. Ruins like these dot the countryside of south west France, and many of them date to the 12th to the 14the Century. In most cases it is difficult to find out much about them but it is one of the things that we like to explore.

This is the Chateau as you approach from the road that goes past it. As you can see there is not much left that you would be able to restore. Many of these ruins are old fortified chateaus that are still owned by heirs of the original owners.

This is a view of the Chateau from the gate that you see in the above photo. One thing that was interesting was the flowers that were still growing that had probably been planted several hundred years ago.

This is a view from the other side of the Chateau. The village below is Montbrun Bocage. There are many buildings in the village that date back to the 1500's
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3 commentaires:

Me a dit…

What a fine way to spend the day!

Such a beautiful view from the property, too.



ladybug a dit…

Hi! What a fun adventure, a perfect way to spend the day! I find it odd nobody has researched the ruins...but perhaps there are so many...they don't care so much. I wonder what the families' who own the land/ruins know about them?.... I'm sure there are probably many interesting back stories to these land...if walls could talk!

Tim a dit…