vendredi 25 avril 2008

End of the Tulips

This seems to be the final week for the tulips in the Garden. I missed taking photos of some of the better displays of color, but maybe I will get some better shots next year. The tulips in this photo are in their third year. This year I forgot they were here and added about three inches of topsoil on top of them. Although they came up later than in past years they have been in bloom for two weeks.

The iris in this photo were some of the iris that I brought from San Francisco when we moved here six years ago. The origional plants were given to me by a friend in the early eighties. I planted them in the garden in San Francisco, and they soon took over most of the garden. I dug them all up in the early ninties and as I was carrying them to the trash can. Our neighbor Karen asked me if it was OK if she took some of them to plant in her garden. I warned her about how prolific they were and she said no problem. As they proceeded to take over her garden, she started giving them away. When we moved, they were a going away present for me.

This is one of the tulips that I planted about six years ago. I am always amazed about the stamina of this tulip.
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keithinfrance a dit…

Still working trying to get the blogs formatted correctly. Not sure what happened with this one.

Tim a dit…

Nice Iris

Tennessee's state flower


Hill a dit…

Oh, Keith, I love that last tulip.

The color is simply stunning!


Hypatia a dit…

Beautiful! Those are the same color of Iris my dad has in his yard....we put several of them on relative's graves this past Memorial Day weekend.