dimanche 9 mars 2008

Sunday Morning in the Garden

This is the flower bed that I will keep showing for the year. It is the beginning of March and the tulips are comming up on schedule.
Closeup of the tulips from the above photo. This is their third year, and each year they are multiplying.
Tulips in their second year.
Grape hycinthes in their fifth year. Very dependable bulbs and provide about six weeks of color.
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3 commentaires:

keithinfrance a dit…

Not sure what went wrong with the posting.

ladybug a dit…

It seems to have come out ok for me.

I LOVE your spring bulb garden and the upclose shots of the flowers.

I like bulbs 'cuz you can plant'em, and forget 'em...now if I can only conquer the darn weeding...

Me a dit…

Keith, the colors are amazing!

Made me smile looking at the pixs. For real.