jeudi 24 septembre 2009

Last Thursdays visit to Montbrun Bocage

The church in Montbrun Bocage

A view of rue des moines

View of the chateau from the village

Another view of the chateau

Montbrun Bocage

This website is in French, using the google translator will enable you to find out more about this charming French Village.
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Scooter in Brooklyn a dit…


Hill a dit…

What Scooter said.



Beach Bum a dit…

One day I will visit France. Great pictures.

Hill a dit…

Decided my fave picture is View of the chateau from the village.



thepoetryman a dit…

Charming is the word I will use for this village. I'm kind of favoring the first pic.

Hill a dit…

Hiya, sweetie.

Just stopping by to say, well, hiya sweetie!