mardi 3 mars 2009

Last Sunday's drive

It was a clear day and I decided to drive towards the Pyrenees to try to get some good photos of the snow. This is less than twenty minutes from the house where I decided to stop and take some photos.

The highest mountain in the photo is the Pic du Midi. On any clear day it always shows up on the horizon. These photos were taken on the border of the Haute Garonne and the Haute Pyrenees departments.

This photo is taken towards the southeast. St Gaudens would be in this direction from where the photo was taken.

This is one of the many houses that we saw when we were out that have been left to the elements and within another twenty years will no longer be here. I have know people who have purchased houses in this condition and fixed them up and had wonderful homes. The thing is, this place has the views that are in the photos above.
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ladybug a dit…

Wonderful pictures Keith...I even like the tumble-down house...reminds me of the collapsing old barns we sometimes have around here on out-of-the-way country roads.

I'm so glad you & Clark had restored your home, it's so beautiful!

smoke a dit…

Helluva view

Thanks for sharing


Tracy and Della a dit…

Great photos Keith, brings back memories for us!
Best wishes to you both.

Tim a dit…

Hey, Keith, great photos.

Let me know what you don't like about commenting system at A-blog over at Pink Panthers Blog, and I'll pass along your concerns. I'm a moderator there.

-Timothy Beauchamp "cowboyneok"

thepoetryman a dit…

I followed the link- Pic du Midi- and found the observatory to be rather breathtaking.