mercredi 24 décembre 2008

The Pyrenees

These photos were taken on 21Dec2008.

The Pyrenees

The highest peak that you see it the Pic du Midi.

Pic du Midi

Another view of Pic du Midi

The village that you see in this photo is Rejaumont, France.

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Hypatia a dit…

What pretty photos! I love the view..and the mountains. We can see Mt. Hood from the freeway sometimes...

Tracy and Della a dit…

Absolutely fabulous photos Keith.
Hope you and Clarke had a good Christmas - all our very best wishes for 2009.

smoke a dit…

Happy New Year

Hill a dit…

Hiya, Keith!

Gorgeous pixs, as usual.

Hey, if you get the chance, stop by my place today.

BIG changes underway.


Scooter in Brooklyn a dit…

hey keith,

great pics :)

i just watched that idol clip of your cousin - what a sweet kid with a big soulful voice. i'm not a fan of the show, but i hope she knocks em out in hollywood!

thepoetryman a dit…

How lucky for the village to have such an amazing view of the mountains. I'm a bit jealous.