mercredi 29 octobre 2008

Views of the Pyrenees

As I was leaving the house this morning, I noticed that the Pyrenees were in full view and went back to pick up my camera. By the time I was to a point where I could get a good view, the haze was starting to set in over the mountains. The above photo is of the church in the small village of Saman which is about 15km from where we live. The commune has a population of around 200 people.

This is the view to the southeast from the point where I took the photo of the village. There is some snow in the Pyrenees, but in another two months, we hope the mountains will be covered with snow. The trees in the foreground are plantan, or plane trees. These are the same trees that line many of the roads in France. Many times you will have them on both sides of the road, and you feel as if you are driving into a tunnel when the branches meet above you.

This is a photo just to the right of the above photo. Normally you would be able to see the mountains peaks behind these mountains that are across the border in Spain.

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smoke a dit…

Nice pics, Keith

Thanks for sharing

ladybug a dit…

Very pretty! I didn't know you were so close to the Spanish border!

Ask Meemo a dit…
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Hill a dit…


You always make me smile when I stop by.

Thank you!


Tracy and Della a dit…

Lovely. Reminded us of the views we so enjoyed when we were staying in your neck of the woods!

Hill a dit…

Keith, so glad you got your Internet back.

I've missed you.