samedi 20 septembre 2008

Fete en Fleurs

The annual Fete en Fleurs was held in L'Isle-en-Dodon on the weekend of 13-14 September of this year. The above photo is of the members of the Patanage (Roller skating) Association in our town. We assembled the carcass for the float starting on 6 Sept, and continuing through the week until it was ready to have the flowers glued on on 12 September.

The white boxes contain the flowers which are grown here in France in Loire Valley. They are shipped on the Friday before the fete to our town and then delivered to the various sites where they will be glued on the floats. This year there were ten floats in the parade and two bands. There is a carnival that sets up in the town for the weekend. On Friday night there is a dance that is the beginning of the fete. Saturday evening the rugby club has a barbecue for the fete. Following the meal there is a show presented on a stage by the mairie (town hall). This years show was a spectacular with orchestra, singers and dancers. After the first three numbers, it started raining and they had to stop the performance, so everyone was disappointed.

The above photo is the completed float. This year the float was the first in the parade, and the winners of the competition for Miss Fete en Fleurs were on the float.

This is the float as we were beginning the parade with the young ladies who won the competition on the float.

On Sunday evening after the parade there was another concert. The show lasted until two o'clock in the morning. On Monday there was a jazz combo that played at lunch time in one of the plaza here in the town. Monday evening there was a fireworks display with music at the lake, and after that a dance that again lasted until the early hours of the morning.
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Hill a dit…

What beautiful floats!

Lots & lots of work put into 'em, huh?

Oh, and I loved that pix that Clark took of the tractor driver in the Texas Longhorn T.

Too cool!


ladybug a dit…

Well you got to work on the prettiest float! I really like local festivals myself, they are more low key than a big huge event.

I have decorated floats for the Rose Parade when I was a member of Job's Daughters, it was alot of work. The Rose Parade floats have hidden driving mechanisms for the most part, and the flowers are put on in the last 24 hrs before the parade, as they must be fresh (not glued on). You can glue on seeds (which are colored often), and dried flora. But all the big bouquets have water soaked medium and the roses have individual plastic tubes. It's alot of work!